Stay Woke: Remaining In the Wake

by Terrance Hawkins I. In the opening pages of his classic book, “Jesus & the Disinherited”, the prophetic mystic &

Joy Unspeakable: Radical Love and Deep Healing

by Helms Jarell Joy UnspeakableIs not moans, hums, and bendsto the dancing universe.It is a fractal of transcendent hope, a

Sankofa: Reaching Back & Moving Forward

by Jasolyn Harris, LCSW, M.Div. Imagine seeing a beautiful bird flying forward, while looking backward. Literally pause for a moment,

Talking Book: Biblical Hermeneutic of Jesus, Exodus, and Spirit

by Whitney Wilkinson Arreche The name of the ship was Jesus, colloquially referred to as the “Good Ship Jesus.” Built

All God’s Children Got Shoes: Hierarchy & Leadership Reimagined

by Laura Beach Byrch I got shoes, you got shoes, all God’s children got shoes. When I get to heaven

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